Look what we have at Salon Sara Lina!

Look what we have!

We are carrying some pieces from a really great jewelry line called SoBeautiful at Salon Sara Lina! Check out their latest and fave piece. It can be ordered and viewed at SB’s web shop, http://www.BySoBeautiful.Etsy.com. A beautiful, personalized, hand stamped gift for wedding, mom, sis, girlfriend or best friend. It’s a sweet way to tell her how close she is to your heart. Her name will be delicately inscribed onto the adorable 14mm gold heart. Shimmering, star dust links and gold metal wrapping details are adorned by a charming Swarovski crystal heart.

*We will have a sample of this piece at the salon soon!

BySoBeautiful.Etsy.com | Facebook.com/BySoBeautiful | Twitter.com/BySoBeautiful | BySoBeautiful.Tumblr.com

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